Bride vs. Mom

Kristen says, “I would like the wedding and reception in one location, but mom doesn’t want a ‘banquet hall wedding’. Can you help me?”

It would not be wise of me to get between you and your mom. I agree that there are benefits to a wedding held at the reception site. A big one is the convenience afforded your traveling guests – particularly the elderly. But mom has a point. Getting married while surrounded by banquet tables, may not fit some couples. However, many of the newer banquet facilities have alternate space on their property that is designed for weddings. For example, Bobak’s Signature Room in Woodridge has two such features. One of their wedding locations has a gazebo with a water feature surrounded by floral landscaping. Such venues are easy to find and certainly worth checking out. This sort of arrangement may satisfy mom’s concerns about a ‘banquet hall wedding’ and meet your objective of having the wedding and reception in one place.

Any suggestions for Kristen?

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One Response to Bride vs. Mom

  1. Jill says:

    I know how you feel Kristen! We had issues with the conflicting desires BOTH moms. I finally had to sit down with them and (gently) remind them that this is “our” wedding. Good luck!!

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